Warrior Care

We apply our in-depth experience based on our teaming relationship and leadership experience to address the needs of Wounded Warriors and their families with strategic partners who possess capabilities and advanced web and virtual world technologies to deliver the right information at the right time, in the right format to the Wounded Warrior. Our combined approach is to offer services and care in multiple modalities as the need dictates. We understand that each Wounded Warrior's needs are unique. Through a unified approach we meet the needs of the Wounded Warrior through personalized care backed by an emphasis on open communications and "best practices" for ensuring quality in every situation.

Wounded Warriors
ØWe provide non-medical and resiliency case management services to Wounded Service Members and their families, assisting them with the transition either back to active duty or out to civilian life. And we provide the following:
ØResiliency training 
ØVets mentoring vets and active duty service members
ØMapping the local employment market's needs to individual skills and providing needed training
ØCoaching for career advancement and reintegration
Psychological Services
ØWe provide licensed and credentialed Behavioral Health Care providers to provide psychological health assessment and support for service members and their families. Our Behavioral Health Care providers are fully trained to assess and provide support for the following:
ØDepression and mood disorder
ØBi-Polar depression
Substance Abuse
ØAlcohol & Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction
ØIllegal Substance abuse
Suicide Prevention
ØHealth Promotion Co-morbidity analysis and treatment


ØDeveloping Strategic Communication to prevent suicide