When we initiated this effort January 2014, our business strategy is to grow our business by:

  • Increasing our competition in the full and open competitive arena;
  • Forming strategic alliances with prime contractors (Healthnet/MHN, Serco, NoVaMed, Calibre, CPS-PS, Able forces, SRI, ASM, MPRI, L3, Global Resolutions, MTCI, Paxen, Dare Mighty Things, Strong Alliance, and Skyline ULimited) as their preferred subcontractor and teaming partner;
  • Maintaining and expanding existing business through FEBID opportunities;
  • Forming strategic alliances with National Guard and HR Soilutions contractors (BAHR, TRH, LSA, CTEC, Apextech, JBR AND Associates) as their preferred team partner;
  • Maintaining and expanding existing business of both companies.

Through superior performance by our professional employees, quality of service, and flexibility that we intend to cultivate a satisfied customer base that promotes the benefits of employing PINE-HS, LLC to meet future customer needs before we even get our 8(a).